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He’s fading from future plans

If, when you start thinking about future plans and goals, he’s just on the periphery of whatever it is you see yourself doing, that could mean your feelings have faded to the point of no return. When things are good and the relationship is strong, you usually want similar things, so if you were thinking about moving to a different state or volunteering overseas, you’d want to find a way to do it together – not be leaning toward going solo.

You’re indifferent

Ruts happen in relationships all the time, so it can be hard to decide when to move on and when to ride it out, but indifference often spells disaster. If you can’t be bothered to even get angry when he does something stupid or you don’t care either way if he gets the promotion or not, you’ve most likely lost that loving feeling. If that’s the case, we suggest seriously looking at your feelings and whether or not they can be re-ignited. If not, it’s time to move on.

Your eyes are wandering – a lot

Attached or not, we can all appreciate a good looking guy, but if you find yourself doing more than just looking – whether it’s flirting or wishing you could do more than flirt – you’re on the road to relationship demise. Flirting isn’t the problem; we all do it now and again because it’s fun. But flirting with intent is definitely a sign that you’re ready for something (or someone) new.

Quick tip

If you do end things at this point, try to give yourself time before jumping into anything new – even a rebound hook-up. Breakups call for reflection time even if you did the dumping.

You no longer trust him

Trust is really hard to get back once you’ve lost it, and if he’s done something to make you distrust him, you’ll be hard-pressed to want to keep the relationship going. Maybe he lied about money, or maybe he had coffee with his ex when he said he was with friends at a ball game. The point is, even if nothing happened, if you feel you can’t trust him, you’re always going to be second guessing everything he says or does, which in our books means you may want to think about starting fresh.

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