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DIY wedding hairpiece

do it yourself!

If you’re still experiencing sticker shock after buying your wedding dress, making your own hairpiece might ease the pain.

Hair accessories bought in bridal shops can cost an arm and a leg, so making hairpieces for you and/or your bridal party can help you save money for more important things (ahem… like the honeymoon).

The supplies for your hairpiece can be found in craft stores, flea markets and/or fabric stores for a very reasonable price. To incorporate your something old, ask a female relative if they have a piece of costume jewelry they would like to donate for your project. Double bonus: Use a blue jewel and knock out your something old and something blue.

For this hairpiece, I bought an inexpensive already-made hairpiece from a craft store and removed the hair clip backing and jewel to create a new piece. Tip: Don’t discount a jewel that you’re not crazy about on its current hairpiece — when paired with feathers and netting, mine transformed from crafty to vintage.


  • Metal hair clip backing (remove pin on back with pliers)
  • Feathers
  • Jewel/charm for center
  • Glue/adhesive (I used E-6000 adhesive.)
  • Netting
  • Wire (or something similar to bunch and tie netting)



DIY Wedding hairpiece

Cut a piece of netting and gather until it folds like a fan. Tie together with a small piece of wire.


DIY Wedding hairpiece

Glue netting onto metal hair clip backing.


DIY Wedding hairpiece

Experiment with different feather arrangements before gluing.
It’s important to hold the project-in-progress against your hair to see how it will look.
Glue feathers over netting, making sure to cover the entire metal backing.


DIY Wedding hairpiece

Glue jewel to center, pressing down to secure it to the feathers.


DIY Wedding hairpiece

Trim the bottom of any feathers sticking out under the jewel.

Quick Tip

After the hairpiece dries, ask a friend or family member to help you test different hairdos incorporating the hairpiece. Then take pictures so you can show your wedding stylist!

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