Football double date


How often do you have a date night?

Have a cook-off.

Rather than each couple taking turns hosting the other couple, why not come together for an epic cook-off? Decide on the menu in advance and have everyone contribute some of the ingredients. Once you’re all together, start cooking. Yes, too many cooks in the kitchen can be overwhelming, but it also can be lots of fun to collaborate, taste-test and tweak.

2Plan a sports day.

Why sit in a stuffy restaurant when you can get outside and play? Gather a few favorite couples and plan a day of sports such as flag football, Frisbee and Capture the Flag. You’ll have a great time, get some fresh air and enjoy doing something totally different. You’ll see your friends in a different light and, ideally, add another activity to your double-date repertoire.

3Host a theme night.

Instead of the same old dinner party, come up with a fun theme around which to build an evening. For example, dinners based on movies or specific decades work well. A classic westerns night might feature a wild-West-themed menu, drinks and décor. Have couples bring food items and dress up based on the theme. Unconventional cocktail and dinner parties will add an exciting, fun and memorable element to your usual couples’ night dinners.

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If you’re hesitant about double dates these might be good ways to change your perspective and try something new in the dating world. If you’re single, ask a friend to set something up! If you’re a couple, think of it as way to branch out and try something new with your partner. A double date might be just want you need!