Married couple on date night


Don’t talk about the kids.

Even though you spend what feels like every waking moment with your little ones, avoid making your romantic rendezvous about the kids, too. If you want to spend the first 10 minutes getting it out of your system, that’s fine. After that, though, put the no-kid-talk rule into effect for the remainder of the evening. This is your chance to reconnect and get updated on each other’s lives outside of being a parent.


Muse about what life was life before you had kids to remind yourselves you’re more than parents. Being a parent is extremely special, but you two had a life together before your children were born — and you have a life now. Reminiscing about your relationship will help you rekindle the romance and boost your bond.

3Have fun.

Do your best to not worry about how the kids are doing or feel guilty for being away from them. Check in to put your mind at ease, but remember to have a good time. You have the whole night ahead of you to do whatever you want, so take full advantage. Go dancing, get a couple’s massage, spend some quality time holed up in a hotel room — or just go wherever the night (or day) takes you.

4Avoid pressure.

The worst thing you can do is put too much pressure on your parents-only evening by building it up to be the best night you’re going to have in years. It may be incredible, or it might just be a nice, relaxing evening away from your regular routine. The point is to avoid putting too much pressure on yourselves to have the most romantic evening you’ve ever had when the goal is merely to spend some quality, kid-free time together.

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