Happy couple having dinner at home


Stock his favorites.

Pack the fridge and cupboards with everything he loves, from a specific beer or wine to the snack food he can’t get enough of. Once he notices you’ve set him up to drink and eat like a king for the night, he’ll probably fall in love all over again.

2Cook his favorite meal.

From appetizers to main course to dessert, wow him with your culinary prowess. Not only will he appreciate all the effort, but he’ll also love that you remembered everything on his must-eat list. If you don’t like to cook or don’t have time, think about having a caterer do all the hard work. He’ll still appreciate the thought and enjoy the fact he gets to eat his favorite foods.

3Dress the part.

If you’re going to go through all the trouble of preparing (or ordering) a fabulous meal, serving drinks and making your man feel special, you might as well dress the part. Put on an outfit you know he loves, instead of your usual comfy-at-home clothes. Whether it’s the cocktail dress you never wear that drives him wild, or something brand new and sexy, surprise him with a stunning outfit.

4Do what he wants for a night.

Once dinner is over, make the rest of the night his. Whether he wants to go out or stay in, let him direct the evening. You can offer suggestions or give him choices, but ultimately, what happens after you eat will be up to him. Chances are, once he sees you in your gorgeous outfit, he’ll probably just want to stay in and focus on taking the dress off, rather than leaving the house.

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Forget about that petty argument you had just the other day. He deserves to be pampered just as much as you do. Remind him how much you appreciate him by surprising him with these tips for a date night and you might be surprised at the sparks that fly between you and your man.