Woman with JournalWhile most opt for the depressed approach — moping around at home, crying to girlfriends, and eating tubs of ice cream — there are other ways to deal with breakups. And while I fully understand why one would be sad and can’t help it, perhaps celebrating the separation makes for a better time. Just how do you do that? Here are the ingredients to a good breakup kit:

1. An angry-girl CD

If Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” album is not already on your iTunes playlist, add it now. Whether you’re going through a breakup or not, this CD will come in handy if/when that opportunity arises.

2. A garbage can

Throw out all evidence that this person who broke up with you or that you had to break up with ever existed. Pictures, gifts he gave you and belongings he has left behind have got to go. Keeping those things around will just remind you about your love lost. If you don’t like the idea of throwing things away — after all, it is a waste — consider eBay. Nothing will feel better than getting rid of ex-evidence and making money in the process.

3. A journal

Self-reflection is also in order. One of the biggest mistakes that broken-hearted folks make is that they talk their friends’ ears to death about their exes, but what is that solving? Get yourself a diary and write about yourself. Finding “you” again after a breakup will save your pals the trouble of hearing yet another story about what’s-his-face.

4. A gym membership or a good pair of running shoes

Let out some aggression and exercise. Not only will working out release endorphins that can make you feel better, doing so will also give you a better body. That way, when your ex sees you out and about, and looking better than ever, he’ll be kicking himself in the butt that he didn’t try harder to keep you.

5. A sexy dress

And to that point, now that you’ll have this awesome, hot new body, you can splurge on a slinky dress. Don’t ever forget how beautiful you are. Yeah sure, you’re single again and don’t have a boyfriend who loves you. But look at it this way, you will have the opportunity to meet someone smashing (way better than your ex). Now get out there and have some fun.