In recent years the winter wedding has become very desirable. There is just something magical about this time of year and couples have taken notice and are loving the idea. Why would anyone choose a winter wedding over say a summer or spring wedding? Well, the benefits are many if you think about it. Check out the top five reasons below for you to opt for a winter wedding. You may be surprised at how great the benefits actually are.

Saves money! Since the winter wedding is still on the rise, you are very likely to find save money many types of ways. For one, on the venue. If you plan on having your big day at your favorite venue hall, expect to see much less expensive prices than if you booked in the warmer months. The business owners will be willing to negotiate with you depending on what you want. It is, after all, their off season so they welcome couples that want to rent this time of year. Also, your guests will save money if they are traveling from out of town and need accommodations. Hotel prices go way down in the winter months, depending on where you live. So do plane ticket prices if you choose a date that is not around the holidays.

Beautiful decor! Brides have fallen in love with the stunning decor that comes with having a winter wedding. There are many popular themes that fit the bill. For example, the “icy” look is just beautiful and involves silver and light blue colors for the decor. Think of soft lighting with icicle lights… so pretty! Also, the winter wonderland theme isn't going anywhere anytime soon. This can include the icy look along with snowflakes, faux snow and more.

Venue availability! In a way, this goes back to saving money. The venues you love most will most likely have more availability in the colder months (again, depending on location) than any other time of the year. Therefore, take your time and look around at all your options. A January or March wedding can often be the least expensive months, therefore, the availability of most venues will be on your side. If you tried to book in other seasons, your options are sure to be more limited.

Guest availability! Winter is the time of year where most people don't do a lot of traveling (except for around the holidays). It is a great time to have your wedding because your guests will be likely to get time off work to attend. Plus, it is a nice break for those coming from out of town. As opposed to say, summer weddings, you are more likely to be able to gather together everyone you want as a guest.

Stunning fashion! Wedding attire geared toward winter weddings has come a long way. For example, wedding gowns with long sleeves are very popular and what better time of year to wear them than a winter affair? Same goes for bridesmaids dresses. Also the winter accessories are super fun!

I’m Linda and an author of numerous things to do with marriage, including which wedding gown designer to pick, where to shop for the best deals, and how to plan a getaway wedding.