The breakup was stressful enough, but when your ex boyfriend gives you mixed signals, it can drive you wild. You might be having this sort of experience at this time. Your ex sends text messages and when you answer them, he ignores you. Then he gets your hopes of reuniting up and suddenly turns cold as an ice cube. This sort of yo-yo treatment can injure your health if you are not careful.

Some guys take a big delight by being the one in control, but you can't allow him to play this game. Your girlfriends may tell you that he is confused because he is so much in love with you, but don't you believe it. Of course that could be the case, however it is rare. The more likely reason that he is playing with your heart is to keep you hanging around. He wants to use you as a lifeboat in case his other romances sink.

As long as he can keep you sitting around waiting he can be comfortable. Your ex will send a text now and then and he might even take you on an occasional date, but then he will disappear for a while. Staying on hold for a man is a sad and lonely life for you, but he has all of the advantage of going out for a good time and dating other women. The problem with this is that if he finds someone and falls in love, you will be history.

Think about how he is treating you. If he truly loves you, do you think he could be cold toward you at anytime? Could you treat him the way he is treating you? You know the answer to those questions, so what are you to do about it? You have to let him know that you will not accept the present arrangement. Don't be afraid of losing him for good because if you want to get him back, you have to show him you can live without him.

The next time he sends you a text, take a few days to answer it and when you do, don't say you miss him or that you still love him. Just say it was good to hear from him and ask how things are with him. If he asks you to go out on a date, as hard as it will be, you have to tell him that you have other plans, but you will get back to him when you have an opening. If he loves you and is really serious about being with you he will wait.

You have to think of your physical health as well as your emotional well being. Making yourself a physical and mental wreck will not make you more appealing to him. A man that will either knowingly or unknowingly play this sort of dangerous game with your heart cannot really love you and you might be setting yourself up for even more heartbreak when he decides to go cold and disappear.

Now is the time to take control of your future and put a stop to him manipulating you. If he is really in love with you as he tries to make you believe, he'll stop playing these silly games and get serious about rebuilding the relationship you two have lost.

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